Thanking Him

wws gc 13 - quoteHope is defined as: to desire with expectation of fulfillment. If our hope is to spend eternity with God, and He has promised this to us, we can expect our hope to be fulfilled. Read the rest of this entry »

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His Story is History

pd12 - quoteThanks to the Internet, we are—as much as we allow it to be so—barraged with “historical” facts. But! It has occurred to me—not for the first time—that history is an ever changing account of the facts as someone knows them and tells them. The simple fact is, history is merely which, or whose, story a person chooses to believe.

(I was going to say more about this subject but… historically, it has been shown that people only read the title and first paragraph of an article. The rest, they say, is history, which is said to repeat itself, which—studies say—is quite impossible and generally only confuses the facts.)

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The Sound Of Music

pd13  quoteWhen God becomes the focal point of our lives, the world will become a different place, and the hills will literally be alive with the sound of music, as all creation claps its hands and shouts for joy. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Coulda Had A Rice Cake!

With my morning coffee, I almost always have a toasted English muffin with lots of my homemade jam on it. But, that’s not always possible when we’re traveling. Some hotels offer a “free” breakfast (I think the free refers to how it tastes), which in most cases is exactly what they’re worth. Anyway, I’ll sometimes go down early, toast a couple of English muffins, and take them back to the room. (Yes, I DO carry my homemade jam with us when we travel.)

I coulda had a rice cake!

I coulda had a rice cake!

Well, this morning: they didn’t have any English muffins, but they had thin sliced bagels, and I thought that’d be okay. Wrong! My cherry jam couldn’t give those suckers any flavor! After a couple bites, I said to myself, “Crap! I coulda had a rice cake!”


The amazing thing is, here’s the list I could’ve chosen from: Homemade yellow cake with fudge icing, homemade cinnamon/apple/raisin/walnut bread, homemade almond joy cookies, red velvet cake, and white chocolate/raspberry cake.



Hey! It’s Sherry’s birthday; I brought the cookies and bread. The Lone Star chapter of the TMCA provided the rest.

I just wanted something sweet with my coffee.

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Never Let Go

As we go through this life, people come and go. Some stay for but a moment, and others stay for varying lengths of time. Some, though their time in our life be brief, leave a lasting impression on our hearts and lives.

fw day 2 - 4 never let go

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With the advent of the Internet and social media, the phenomenon has taken on a whole new dimension. People touch our lives, and we touch their lives, when in many cases we will never actually see or touch them.

Kathryn Daugherty—a novelist—is one such person. We’ve never met, but last September she asked my permission to include my poem, Pennies From Heaven, in her novel, A Case of Hearts. Of course, I said yes, as I was thrilled someone would want to include one of my poems in their book.

This past summer, Kathryn contacted me again; she was preparing to publish a second novel, She Promised Her Heart, and wanted to know if I could write a poem to put in the book! How cool is that? Well, again, I was thrilled, and penned what I think is a pretty good poem that compliments the story she tells in her new novel. I hope you like the poem, and I hope you’ll buy a copy of She Promised Her Heart; I think it’s going to be best seller!

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Don’t Let the Pace Steal Your Peace

fw day 3 - 1 quoteOur world moves at a rapid pace, then… sometimes slows to an agonizing crawl. And when we allow the pace to steal our peace, it can take our joy, as well. Don’t let it!

For me, the best way to have God’s peace and joy is to start my day with Him, by reading my daily devotions and God’s word. That allows me to go into the day with good things in my mind and heart, and when the world grabs at me and attempts to drag me into the fray, I can think back on the encouraging words I started my day with, and God’s joy remains in my heart.

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.   John 15:11


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Can You Feel It?

Gray days - quoteAs we go about our lives in this world of chaos and strife, we cannot avoid all its pitfalls and trials. But, we can have peace. Jesus came so we might have eternal life with Him and the Father, but He also came so that in Him we may have peace.

We have to put our trust in Him, knowing when the storms pass, the Son will shine. So, when you feel like the storms of life are washing your hopes away, close your eyes and think of the warmth that is the love of Jesus, and feel His hands upon your face.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33

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