April Fools, Little Brother!

As many of you know, I take great delight in making people laugh. What most of you don’t know is there was a time when I considered this day–April 1st–a National Holiday. Yes, April Fool’s Day, when I was in my jokester prime, was my favorite day of the year. Just ask my little brother…

Yep, Ken was on the wrong end of the April Fools prank of all April Fools pranks. And just to set the record straight, it wasn’t my idea to begin with, but I did put it all together and pulled it off flawlessly.

It was in the mid-eighties, and Ken was VP of Construction for a developer; his office was in Connecticut. I was in charge of the southwestern division of the company, and handled construction and some of the leasing in the strip-mall centers owned by the company. My office, and most of my work was in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I had spent the morning terrorizing my friends, employees, and co-workers, and as a group of us were eating lunch and re-living my devious escapades, Rooster, my foreman, said, “Ken’s coming in this afternoon. What are you going to do to him?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Been too busy with you fellas to give it much thought.” Rooster said, (obviously without thinking first), “Have him arrested at the airport.”

My eyes got that gleam some of you may be familiar with, and an evil grin began to spread across my face. Rooster’s eyes got wide, and he said, with some alarm in his voice, “Dude! I’m kidding!”

Well, long story short, I put together the most awesome prank I ever pulled, complete with two plain clothes detectives and a photographer from the local newspaper (imposters). I cleared it with airport security, which in those days was no challenge—this prank could not be pulled off in today’s world.

I got Ken good, and he was terrified right up to the time the “detectives” led him–handcuffed–out the door of the ABQ airport, where a rather large contingent of his “friends” were waiting. When we exited the building, the crowd cheered wildly, and as Ken stared at me with a priceless, dazed and glazed expression on his face–while the handcuffs were removed–I grinned and said, “April fool, little brother.”

Needless to say, neither of us has dared to allow the other to meet him at the airport since.

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