What’s Up With All These FaceBook Polls?

I recently posed that very question in a FaceBook post, and much to my dismay this is the response I received: _____

Yep. Silence. Nary a peep. What’s up with that? I deduced this was a call to action, and so the following is my rebuttal to the silence of my FB “friends”:

 I guess, with regard to the Coke or Pepsi poll, it really doesn’t matter IF you’re going bear hunting with a switch, because by golly you will drink what you please due to the mere size of your bad-self!

 And the one where they say they’re going to clean out their friends locker, and do you want  to stay: Well, by golly, I ain’t voting on that one. If y’all want to throw me outta your closet, and leave me alone in a cold cruel world with no one to talk to but a stuffed duck… well… I… I guess you oughta get to tossin then. harumph! <–old guy sound

Thing is, when I posted the question about polls, NOBODY answered! I was just startin to freak out, when Pat finally spoke up and gave me the skinny on the polls. She says FB has run amuk. I always thought it amok, but, no matter, I appreciate her fillin me in on the situation.

So, if anyone knows how to do it, put one a them polls up that asks if it’s “amuk” or “amok”. I really wanna know!


  1. cheri said

    i am clueless(quit laughing)

    i am a fence stradler-so i hate polls!!
    but Pepsi sucks Coke is the only way to go
    that’s my comment:) love ya C

  2. Kathy said

    it is AMUK not AMOK

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