I’m a guessin…

… y’all must not like the stories broken down into small parts, like I did It’s a Dog’s Life today. I kinda thought it would be like the old-time dime novels, but guess I thought like Nelly. I reckon I’ll stick to the short and sweet, like the poem that follows….


Oft’ times our prayers seem to go unanswered

We start thinking, maybe God doesn’t care

We wait, ever patient, stand on our faith

I’ve been known to stand on an ear


No answer comes, we grumble and groan

Quite certain that He doesn’t love us

We try to outguess Him, figure Him out

As He smiles down from high above us


He shakes His head, goes on with His work

Surely chuckles about our impatience

For He’ll not let us down, in spite of our frown

And complaints about His expedience


In due time, He would tell us, should we but hear

Good things come to those who wait

For the want that you want, if it’s worth the wanting

Is still good whether early or late


He will answer, my friend…. Have faith in Him

You will have, and have it abundantly

His blessings will flow, and then you will know

Our God is a God of suddenly


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

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