Oh Good Grief! I’ve Become My Grandma!

We’re at Tracey and Sean’s this weekend, getting ready to hold our third book signing event. The grandkids, Sawyer and Savannah will get to help us with the event, so it will be a special one!

We brought our old dog Dockers with us—yes, still on the subject of dogs—because…. …. well, she’s old and set in her ways and we couldn’t find anyone to look after her if we left her at home.

Last night, she was wandering around and wondering where the heck she was; she’s almost totally blind now, and can only hear the loudest of sounds. For those who are unaware, Dockers is 15 years old. I’ve been told that small dogs don’t age at the rate larger ones do—the one year equals seven human years formula. Some say it’s as low as five, some say it’s six; in any case, she is probably somewhere between 75 and 90, and is showing her age. It’s sad—heartbreaking a better word—to watch our baby become feeble and begin to show telltale signs of a passing we know will come. We’ve had her since she was six weeks old.

So last night, as she was wandering around, and Sherry and I were fussing over her; telling Tracey things about what she would and wouldn’t eat and other habits she’d developed, Tracey said, “Y’all know she’s a dog, right?”

We laughed it off and made all the “she’s old excuses”, but then it hit me.

I remembered how I used to roll my eyes and shake my head when my grandma would fuss over her old toy poodle, Tony Pierre. That should tell you something; who names a dog “Tony Pierre”? But that quick glimpse into the past hit me flat handed across the forehead, as I said to Tracey and Sherry, “Oh good grief. I’ve become my grandma!”



  1. Love it! And there’s nothing wrong with being like your own Grandma…my kids tell me I remind them of “Grandma” all the time. She was, of course, hell on wheels so I have convinced myself they mean it as a compliment.

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    Anyone with an old dog understands all too well!

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