Ken: “I Had To Go!”

It was summertime, and we were home alone. Me, Ken, and Billy—I don’t know where Patsy was, but I don’t remember her being there when this happened. It was hot (a dry heat) and I was inside, sitting in Dad’s big chair; reading. I remember that detail, because from his chair you could see down the hallway that led to the bedrooms and our one bathroom. Yep—two adults and four kids—one bathroom. This was not unusual in the “old days”.

So anyway, I see Billy come from our bedroom, and go into the bathroom; I return to my book and I’m thoroughly engrossed in it when I hear the back door open then shut with a bang. I look up to see Ken—he was about nine at the time—fly around the corner and down the hall to the bathroom. The door to the bathroom was closed, but Ken evidently had to go, and nothing was going to get in his way.

Next thing I know, Billy comes flying out of the bathroom—apparently he’d been slung from the room by little brother, Ken—and lands in the hallway. Billy’s pants are down around his ankles, he’s on the floor, and he looks back at me with a look of utter wonder on his face.

I’m fairly certain the look on my face was a mirror image of his.

Amazingly, less than a minute later, Ken comes out of the bathroom, steps over Billy and races past me on his way to the front door. As he went passed, he scowled at my look of questioning wonder and said, “I had to go!”

Billy got up, without a word, and went back to finish his business, Ken slammed the front door and went about his, and I went back to my book.


  1. Evelyn said

    Great story..I can see it happen.

    • Another of those vivid memories from long ago. The look on Billy’s face will never leave my mind.

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