Mom’s Cooking – Survival 101

Okay, let me start by saying that Mom’s a great cook now… but, man we were some pretty good guinea pigs back in the day. In fact, I sometimes think Lucille Ball patterned her red-headed character in “I Love Lucy” after my mom!

Of course, I told you about the time she melted the rubber end of the spatula into the fudge; and didn’t tell us! Thinking back on it, I wonder if she didn’t enjoy her little “accidents” in the kitchen. There were two mashed potato incidents (that I know of; who knows what she slipped past us).

One involved just a bit too, much salt—as in, the lid came off the salt shaker! And she didn’t tell us!

I swear, all four of us went, “GAK!” at the very same instant, and there she sat looking from one kid to the other, with this grin on her face that said, “Oopsie!”

“Mom!” I said. “What did you do?”

She giggled—I ain’t kidding, she giggled—then said, like it should make the awful taste in our mouths go away, “I tried to scrape it all out. I guess I didn’t get enough of it out.”

And then—get this—she says, “You don’t have to eat the potatoes.”

Ya think??


  1. Sherry said

    That happened to me once .. . only it was the lid to the pepper shaker!!!

  2. […] Mom’s Cooking – Survival 101 […]

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