Blood On The Moon – Part 4

As I slept, I dreamed; sometimes vivid, often strange, but always, chilling, frightening dreams. Creatures came into my darkness and stood staring at me. A cat, one front leg missing, stood at my feet and looked up at me with dark, questioning eyes. It blinked, and the missing leg was there as if it had never been gone. A gust of hot air blew across my feet then the cat was not there.

Shimmering dust glittered in the moonlight, then fell and mixed in with the dark dirt at my feet. Tiny, green sparks flashed and then the world was dark again. A snake slithered past. I heard a woman’s soft laughter.

A child appeared in the distance. As he grew closer I could see that he wore only a diaper. His skin was dry and old. The look on his face as he came closer was blank except for the eyes. He had the same eyes as the cat, and for a moment I believed that it was the cat. I was convinced that should I remove the diaper I would find a long gold and white striped tail curled behind the young boy. The world, black and silent, void of life save for me and the small child at my feet, began to sway, and yet remained empty of sound. The child began to dance and his mouth, wrinkled by time, opened wide and an angry hiss came from deep inside the baby. He swayed before me in time to a song I could not hear. Another set of eyes appeared deep in his throat, and I felt my own lips part and the beginnings of a scream welled within my heart. Thunderous laughter exploded my silent world and I fell backward as if I’d been shoved.

I fell, flailing my arms and craning my head upward to see the child. He was gone and when I looked to my right, I saw him running across the barren land. The diaper was gone, but there was no striped tail. I awoke, still standing, my shadow stretched out before me. The moon was at my back, and I turned to look up at it. It was large beyond my comprehension, yet its light was dim. The ground before me was gray like ashes.

I stared long at the moon, wondering if I was truly awake. Wondering, too, if the moon were real. I recalled stories I’d heard as a child about the man in the moon, and I smiled. The moon smiled back.

A huge and dark slit opened and curled at both ends, and then blue eyes—the deepest, loveliest blue I’d ever seen opened above the grinning white lips. My mouth fell open, and I gaped at the sight. The earth rumbled beneath me and the ground dropped an inch or two. There was a thump, like a door closing and then a gunshot cracked from somewhere to my left. I ducked reflexively, then turned and looked into the darkness where the shot had come from. A puff of white smoke was curling from the end of a hellishly long rifle and the baby was grinning.

The child was dressed now. He wore a red silk suit, and it shined against the dark curtain of the night that was his backdrop. I thought he had grown, but as I looked him over head to toe I realized that he was not standing on the ground. He was above the earth, hovering a good six inches or more with his feet turned backward. I looked back to his grinning face, and he looked away toward the moon. Where his ear should have been there was a white horn curled forward, then down like a ram’s. When he looked back, the grin had turned downward and in his eyes was a look of utter and complete sadness. I glanced over at the moon and saw a small hole above one of the blue eyes. The eye below the hole was growing dim and turning a paler blue. I looked back to the child.   To be continued….

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  1. Sherry said

    what a nightmarish vision

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