Fragile Cloth

One last post on this Thursday night. This one is a bit on the dark side, but one each of has dealt with I’m afraid, as we traverse the landscape of our existance upon this sometimes confusing planet. I bid you goodnight, dear travelers….

Fragile Cloth


Between my mind and depression

A fragile cloth worn thin

Too many days of wear and tear

Hurts and pains are sifting in


Turn now, go another way

Refuse to see or listen

Failure calls out, come to me

Nails grip the will to win


Slipping, I cry out, cloth tears

Deep depression coddles me close

I linger, allow it to hold me

All while hating the evil host


In its arms pain overwhelms me

I struggle and try to pull free

Holds me tight, whispers, give in

Says there is nothing out there for me


Cries of anguish seem not mine

Yet my eyes the one that rain

Tearing loose I run to light

Knowing here I cannot remain


Cloth, behind me, thinner still

Gaping hole with edges tattered

From the chasm, booming laughter

My dreams around me, shattered


On and on the battle rages

I never lose…. Yet never win

The cloth that keeps me sane

Torn too often…. Worn too thin


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

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  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Some fabric can resist the wear and tear better than others, but all fabric must be cared for and treatd well. When I read this poem I think of shattered silk, and how sometimes, even in its tattered state, it retains some of its originl beauty.

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