The Drive

This one of the poems I wrote for Sherry in the early days of our life together. I wrote many poems back then, as we drove to here or there, sightseeing or traveling somewhere to visit others, or whatever. She actually wrote them down as I spoke them. We haven’t done that for many years. It was a special time.

The Drive


As we drive down the highway this morning

You sitting there by my side

The day so pretty and perfect

We just couldn’t stay inside


The air, so cool and so clean

It seems we can see for miles

The trees seem to sparkle and shine

Like one of your sweet precious smiles


The ride, so quiet and peaceful

The hill country spreads out its charm

The morning, so splendid, so perfect

Your hand resting soft on my arm


Oh, I hope this trip never ends

And this beautiful day lasts forever

I hope all of our wishes come true

As we travel life’s roads together


Copyright © 1995 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I miss those times

  2. Tanya McNutt said

    I love this poem and one day I wish I could have that special someone to travel life with me.

    You and Sherry are beautiful loving people and I’m so blessed to have met yall.

    Thank you for the constant inspiration,

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