Forever Changed

This is a work of fiction for the most part. I’m not sure my first kiss was from Lisa (my best friend Barry’s cousin, by the way). But it’s the memory of that spinning bottle, and that fear coursing through a young boys brain and body that this little ditty is about. The names, the faces, the places… you pick your own, and go back when. That’s what I did.

Forever Changed


Bottle spinning, is but a blur

There on the basement floor

All eyes upon it as it slows

Not knowing what’s in store


Was Lisa who set it to spinning

Young Goddess with golden hair

Every boy prays, let it stop on me

So a kiss with her I might share


Slower still the pop bottle spins

One last taunting turn then points

My eyes grow wide, I cannot move

Fear has frozen my young joints


Panic takes over my mind then

I’m horrified down to my core

Why am here, what will I do

I’ve never kissed a girl before


From the circle I jump and shout

No way, I just can’t do it

Lisa gives a wink that says

Calm down, boy, I’ll get you through it


Young lips meet mine a trembling

My life then forever is changed

Fate’s hand upon the bottle spun

My whole world at once rearranged

Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry said

    Thank you, Lisa!

  2. Sherry said

    yeah, you’d better

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