All things are possible

I’ve posted my poem, Pennies From Heaven, on my blog a couple of times—I’ll, no doubt post it again—and I’ve posted the story I wrote, by the same name, also. I wrote the poem in 1998, and since that time I have been blessed repeatedly by emails I’ve received from folks who were grieving over the loss of a loved one. The following is one I received today, and I want to share it, and my response, with you. I think you will see how this little poem touches hearts, and comforts people, and I hope you will understand how I am often overwhelmed at what the poem has meant to so many people all over the world.

Here’s the letter:

I lost my mother yesterday and a friend had sent me your poem awhile back even before we knew she was sick.  My mother cared for so many sick people over her 91 years and she would walk 3 miles a day…I think mainly to clear her mind.  Almost everytime she walked she would find pennies and would be so proud to report to us how many pennies she found on her walks.  We kind of made fun of her at times because they were “only pennies.”  But your little poem came back to mind yesterday when she passed away.  She has 3 year old great-granddaughter who we were worried would not be old enough to remember “Grandma Jeannette.”  Our granddaughter has always been fascinated by “pennies” and I plan to carry pennies in my pocket to drop when we take our walks so that I can tell her Grandma Jeannette is missing her.

 I would like to ask for permission to use your poem and story at her funeral.

 Please let me know if we have your permission.




And, here is my response: 

Your email is one of hundreds of blessings this poem has brought me. It is so wonderful to know that his little part of me has touched people, and comforted so many, all over the world.


You may, most certainly use the poem at your mother’s funeral. And, I know she will be tossing many pennies to her great-grand-daughter for many years to come.


Thank you, and may God’s comfort and peace be yours at this time of loss.


I realize the poem and the story are works of fiction, but are they really? Could there be some truth to the thought that angels are watching over us? Could those angels be our loved ones, who have gone to their heavenly reward? When someone drops a penny, and doesn’t stoop to pick it up, or possibly doesn’t even realize they dropped it, is it an accident? Or… is it possible an angel has caused the person to lose that penny at that particular time, so you will find it?

I ask, “Why can’t these things be so?”

All things are possible…

Just something to ponder…

A penny for your thoughts??

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  1. Sherry said

    I always find pennies whenever I really need guidance for something!

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