Feats Courageous

This is one of those poems from the early days, when I was writing a lot of poetry. Much of the things I wrote sprang from childhood experiences and memories. I think I was like most boys from that era, but maybe not–sometimes I think I was a bit strange. But this short poem is about those days when I dreamed of one day “saving the day”. Didn’t every little boy dream dreams of being a hero? 

Feats Courageous

As a boy I had great aspirations

I wanted to be famous you see

I yearned to do feats courageous

Everyone would applaud for me


I watched each day for dangers

I was diligent, strong and brave

If ever a damsel I could find in distress

I’d be ready the day to save


I gained inspiration daily

There were role models by the score

Superman, Batman and Robin

John Wayne, Roy Rogers and more


But then somewhere along the way

I realized it would never be so

My chance never came, my wanna be went

Now I’m too old to be a hero


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    You’re MY hero, Charlie

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