This Eagle

I wrote this poem a few days after September 11, 2001. I was angry, and had I not been past the age where I could serve, I would have enlisted and did my best to bring bin Laden and men like him to justice. At long last, someone has done what we all demanded be done. I am still angry, and I am not afraid of the lunatics that wish to destroy us simply because we do not believe as they do. The following are my thoughts from those dreadful days after we were attacked, and even though much has changed–even in our country–I continue to believe the words I wrote back then.

This Eagle


They have tread where they should not

They dance in their street

We see them; we know their hearts

They praise god, but know not His wrath


Our towers have fallen

Our buildings smolder and crumble still

We search hopefully for survivors

Knowing they be few


Our leaders promise retribution

We demand it

These men are evil cowards

They must be removed from this earth


We have spent our day on our knees

We will continue to cry for our dead

But now it is time to rise to our feet

We must not allow our freedom, our skies

To be stolen from us


The enemy has come into our house

They have made the most grievous of errors

We are the United States of America

The most powerful nation in the world

The world will hear this eagle scream

Copyright © 2001 C. Mashburn

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