He’s Aggravatin’!

I was the oldest of four kids. My two brothers, Billy and Ken were three and five years younger than me, and so I never was that close to either one growing up. They fought like cats and dogs, and I was usually the referee. Billy was constantly terrorizing Ken by any and every means he could come up with; Mom was constantly admonishing Billy to stop aggravating his little brother; and Ken was constantly yelling to Mom, “Mom! Billy’s aggravatin’!” This poem is typical of a summer day, and the way they were back then.

He’s Aggravatin’!


Mom’s in her room taking a nap

Me, I’m just trying to stay cool

It’s a hundred and ten in the shade

I wish we had a swimming pool


Little brothers are getting restless

A long summer with nothing to do

I smell the trouble in the air

Happens daily with these ornery two


It erupts without warning or word

The older one runs from the house

Little guy hot on his tail

Like a cat being chased by a mouse


Door slams, mom leaps from her bed

I stick my head out and give a shrug

She frowns and stands by the back door

And waits for her two little thugs


True to form they come busting in

Now yelling and shouting damnations

When they spot Mom, little one shouts

Hey, Mom! He’s aggravatin’!


Mom can’t hide the smile

As she takes them each by an ear

Says seven words that will stop a young heart

Just wait ‘til your father gets here


And so the excitement is over

I watch as they stare and stew

Knowing as the house grows quiet

Won’t be long ‘til round number two


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I LIKE this! Very good.

  2. Jingle said

    amazing flow.

    lovely family scenes portrayed here.

    Happy Mother’s Day to moms in your family.

  3. Glad to see you join us.

  4. dswan2 said

    Loved this! I have a twin brother and we were always tooth and nail. except at school and then we had each other’s back.

    • I don’t think these two had each other’s back, even at school. Dad made the mistake of telling them I was their protector, so they expected ME to have their back. They tested the sstem quite regularly, too. I think I wrote a little blog piece about it. If I can locate it, I’ll link on here for you.
      Thanks for the visit and comments, Donna! Much appreciated!

    • Donna: These two never had each other’s back. Dad made the mistake of telling them big brother (that’d be me) was their protector. They tested the system quite often, too.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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