Will We Soon Forget

I posted a poem this week, This Eagle–posted it a second time as, This Eagle II (that version had pictures)–that I’d written about 9/11.  This is another poem I wrote the morning after September 11, 2001, as I sat in a hotel room in Port Arthur, Texas. It’s not that great as poems go, but I’m posting it because I want you to see the last stanza. Remember, this was written right after the attacks. Tell me, that for many in this country–I contend the majority–my words were not prophetic. Just sayin…

I sent the poem to friends and family, and these are the words I wrote preceding the poem:

Friends: I am overwhelmed these days–and nights–by a many-membered orchestra of emotions. Sadness and anger are the loudest voices, but confusion is somehow the conductor. I share some of my thoughts, fears, and hopes with you.

Will We Soon Forget


I still have trouble sleeping

I awake with visions of fireballs

In the tops of tall buildings

Then smoke clouds as they fall


I try to talk myself to sleep

In my mind I say the word peace

Hot tears burn my eyes

As I realize this is not a dream


Thousands mourn their losses

As our leaders plan counter attacks

Though we must fight, we know

War will not bring them back


I lay here in the dark of night

Knowing we must all go on

But I wonder to what we go

As this new day begins to dawn


One day at a time, is all I can think

It’s the only thing that makes sense

We are strong; we will go on

Though right now… it seems in pretense


My greatest fear is not the terror

Nor the evil men that rule the day

My fear is that we’ll too soon forget

And then continue on our wicked way


Copyright © C. Mashburn 2001

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  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Prophetic, indeed.

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