Times Ago

This is one of those poems I wrote when the world seemed not so right. Something was obviously bothering me, and in my clumsy attempt to put it to verse, I vented my troubled mind. I do that, put my “pen” to my emotions; good or bad, I try to simply let it out. I hope you understand what I try to convey.

Times Ago


The moon was full

Hung low in the east

Looking like a pearl button

On a cowboy’s shirt


Sequin stars glittered

On blue black silk

As in the distance cattle lowed

And a coyote yipped


I opened my eyes

Felt the hot dry grass on my neck

Eyes burning with tears

That I refused to let fall


City traffic whirred

A siren sliced the night

A neighbor screamed angrily

At her laughing children


I gazed up at a dingy sky

Then again closed my eyes

Wished myself to times ago

When the sound were good


Times when stars glittered

While children played

Parents tired from the day

Sat on the porch and smiled


Softly talking about tomorrow

Gliding in the wooden swing

While in the moon shadow of the tree

Children tittered secret laughter


Copyright © 2002 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry said

    so-o-o evocative!

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