Working Weekends!

Last summer, I decided to publish a book of daily devotionals, Be Still…. and know that I am God. Actually, I prefer to call them daily encouragements, because my intent, when I share them, is to encourage folks. I’m not a preacher or Bible scholar, so the messages I write may not be accurate in the eyes of some, but that is exactly why I do it. I think there are lots of people who, like me, don’t want to be preached at, but want to know that everything is, somehow, going to be alright. That very thing—everything is going to be (and is) alright—is what I try to convey to my readers (as well as myself). We all need encouragement, and I’m just trying to help out where I can.

The thing is, I didn’t know how much work this “book business” would entail. I want to do what I can to cause the book to sell and be a success, but I had no idea what the endeavor would require. Since the book was released last November, my life has been a whirlwind of activity.

Let me explain something before I go any further: I worked as a commercial construction superintendent for much of my life, and was used to long days and quite often, six-day and even seven-day work weeks. It was a relentless grind, full of deadlines, budgets and constant pressure. When I finally threw in the towel, I was fortunate to find a job with the state of Texas, doing the same thing but on a much smaller scale. The most beautiful part of the new gig, was the four-day, ten-hours-per-day work week. Holy leisure time, Batman!

But the job proved to have its drawbacks—some of them turning out to be too much for a guy like me to bear—and as soon as I became eligible to, I retired. That’s when I began my pursuit of this career—writing. It has been my hope and dream to one day do this for a living and, at last, here I am—living the dream. Big problem though—I’m not making any money doing it!

That leads me back to the other problem that came with this writing business. I got used to those three-day weekends over the last nine years with Texas Parks & Wildlife, and I’m actually working more now than I did while I was with the parks department. (I know what y’all are saying, so hush.) But, one day recently, while I was scurrying around on a Saturday getting ready for one of our book signing events, a sudden realization hit me like a brick to the forehead. I was driving down Texas Avenue, on my way to pick up one thing or another—who knows—when I thought, “Hey! I’m workin’ weekends!”


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  1. Sherry said

    Ha! Gotcha ya!

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