A Special Day Above All Others

I wrote this one for Mom on Mother’s Day, 1996; it still applies today. Some things never change.

A Special Day Above All Others


I suppose you think I can write a poem

For every holiday that comes along

For every birthday and special occasion

You think I can write another song


Well, let me set the record straight

I can’t write stuff for just anyone

The words come from my heart

And these are to a mother from her son


I’ve written things for you before

I’ve told of days gone by

I’ve talked of times we’ve laughed

And I’ve mentioned times we’ve cried


We’ve been through lots together

And we’ve spent some time apart

But you’ve always been a part of me

And you’ll always be in my heart


There will never be another like you

I’m so lucky that I was blessed

With a mom so beautiful and special

Yes, God gave me the very best


So, on this day that’s been set aside

To honor mothers everywhere

I thought it was only fitting

I write these words of how much I care


I plan to write lots of words for you

There’s many things I want to say

But there’s no way I can say them all now

They won’t fit on just one page


Yes, this is a day when the words freely flow

A special day above all others

A day that’s been set aside to say

You’re the greatest! I love you Mother!


Copyright © 1996 C. Mashburn

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  1. Sherry said

    Thank you, Wilma . . . for Charlie

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