Mom Was Always There

How can I say it any better; how can I explain a mom who loved her children unconditionally—still does. She’s the greatest, and yes, even when I wasn’t what she’d hoped I would be, she was still there. I thank God for her and her love… not just on this day we honor our mothers… but every day I live.

Thanks, Mom, for always being there.

I love you!

 Mom Was Always There


As far back as I can remember

There’s been a lady with auburn hair

That I can count on when I need her

My Mom is always there


I used to bring friends home for lunch

I’d bring lots of them, she didn’t care

She’d fix lunch for the whole darn bunch

My Mom was always there


She took us to church and Sunday school

She taught us to help and to share

She made sure we knew about God’s love

My Mom was always there


She came to all my baseball games

I’d get embarrassed, but I didn’t care

I can still hear her screaming my name

My Mom was always there

As I got older and I’d hit bad times

And it seemed life was too much to bear

I’d call and she’d make me feel better

My Mom was always there


No, there’s no one quite like my Mother

So very few that can compare

A smile and a laugh that bring sunshine

My Mom is always there


And when I lay down each night

There’s always one thing in my prayers

I ask God to watch and protect her

So my Mom will always be there


Copyright © 1995 C. Mashburn

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  1. Sherry said

    Wilma, you are a true blessing to us both!

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