We Saw it All, Mom

When I was in high school, Mom worked various jobs; I remember once, she even worked in the lettuce fields, cleaning lettuce. The thing is; I know the only reason Mom worked at all was so we could have all the things we couldn’t have afforded otherwise. You know, letter sweaters, class rings, year books; stuff like that. And then she has the nerve to say she doesn’t think she was that good of a mom. HA!

One of the jobs she had for quite awhile was as a waitress at Mildred’s Café. Mildred’s was located smack in the middle of Buckeye, Arizona on Main Street. The only bank in town, Buckeye Valley Bank, was on one side, and a connected row of various businesses was on the other side. At the end of those businesses, was a Mexican food restaurant, La Placita (Still a popular eatery, I hear), and if memory serves, Joe Myrick’s insurance was one of the businesses in between.

Mildred was a wonderful lady, probably fifteen or twenty years older than Mom, but they became close friends, and stayed in touch throughout the following years after we left Buckeye. She served up great country style dishes; anything from burgers and fries to full blown dinners and steaks. But what made her famous—at least in one teenager’s eyes (stomach, actually) was her pies. Mildred made the best apple pie I ever tasted. A scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a slice of her apple pie, and this lad was in heaven.

Of course, that was then; nowadays, Mom makes the best apple pies ever, with Sherry a very close second. (There’s no way I can come out well on that, is there?) Or maybe it’s a tie? I tell funny stories about Mom’s cooking when we were kids, and they are all true. Check out Mom’s Cooking – Survival 101, Mom’s Cooking – Survival 102, and, Don’t Drop the Fudge!. But she figured it out along the way, and became a pretty darn good cook; pies—in my humble opinion—are her specialty.

But, this being Mother’s Day, I just wanted to re-emphasize the point I made at the beginning of this post: We saw what you did, Mom. We saw how hard you worked; we saw how you tried to protect us from the bad stuff; we saw how you stuck it out when things were tough; yes, we saw it all, Mom, and we knew you were doing it for us. But the thing we saw most was the reason you did all the rest of it; we saw how much you loved us.

Your four children could not have been more blessed. We had the best the best Mom ever.

Thanks, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day, from your grateful, loving son.


  1. ken said

    Chuck and I actually agree on this one! We saw what you endured to keep us together and it made us stronger. I will always believe the reason I have lived through some of my stupid phases was I always had you praying for me. Chuck is right you are the best Mom ever. Love Ken

    • What’re ya sayin, bro?? Is there something you disagree with me on? I can straighten ya right out if ya got an hour or two!

  2. Sherry said

    boys, boys, boys

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