Now That’s Tall!

In one of my previous blog offerings, Look, Boys, No Eyebrows, I mentioned the Ashford Manor  Restaurant where Billy and Wesley’s mom worked, waiting tables. On occasion, I would go down there to get dinner for me and the boys, and bring it home. That idea may have generated from the oven incident in the previously mentioned story.

I was in the restaurant, talking to Evelyn at the cashiers stand; as I gazed around the dining room, I noticed this one rather large looking man, who appeared to be standing up at the table. He was a good two feet above anyone around him, so I naturally assumed that for some very odd reason, he was standing up while he ate his meal.

I leaned over and asked Evelyn, “Why is that guy standing up while he eats?”

Her eyes got real big and she clapped a hand over her mouth then hustled into the kitchen. I could hear her laughing from where I was, and a few seconds later she leaned around the kitchen entryway, and waved me to come to where she was. I glanced over at the man standing at the table—figuring he must be involved in whatever she was finding so funny—then went to the kitchen.

She was grinning and trying to suppress her laughter, as she whispered. “He’s sitting down. That’s Bill Russell.”

“Holy crap!” I whispered, but not that quietly. I leaned back so I could see around the door jamb, and now that I knew who it was, I clearly recognized Mr. Russell, sitting at the table. My face a beautiful shade of crimson, I leaned back into the kitchen and once again, whispered, “Holy crap!”

How embarrassing is that? DOH! (At least Bill Russell didn’t hear me!)

In case you’re wondering, Bill Russell is 6’-9” tall. He looks much taller in person… and sitting down.

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  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Good one!

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