Go Get the Drew Twins!

One of my many teenage misadventures involved a basketball, a flooded back yard, my convertible Austin Healey Sprite, and the Drew twins; and of course my best friend, Barry. I have lots of good stories about Barry, but in this one he played a minor part. The stars were the Drew twins.

First let me explain the flooded Back yard: I grew up in the small Arizona town of Buckeye, and back then, there was an irrigation system which consisted of canals with ditches branching from them. Once a week, the ditch behind our house would fill with water released from the canals, and the “irrigation man” would come by when it was our turn, and lift the “gate”, allowing water into our yard. A border around the yard contained the water, and so once a week our yard was covered by a couple inches of water.

It was on one of those days that Barry and I arrived at my house in my little Austin Healey Sprite—a car I had paid $300 dollars for and was in the never-ending process of “fixing up”. We had decided we wanted to go to the park and shoot some hoops, but first needed to retrieve the basketball, which we kept in various locations—depending on where it ended up the last time we used it—in the back yard. Sure enough, we pulled up to my house, and there was the ball, floating lazily in the middle of our flooded back yard.

Without giving it much thought, I told Barry, “I’ll drive out there, and you grab the ball when we go past it.” I think Barry tried to explain the possible failings of my plan to me, but I wasn’t much of a listener back then; when my brain said something, I usually acted. I’m pretty sure that’s why when one of my dad’s friends came to our house, the first thing Dad usually said was, “Come over here and let me show you what my boy did.”

Anyway, I backed the car up, got a good run at the yard (had to get over the border that held the water in, you see) and floored the accelerator. We made it over the hump, and after several passes—water flying and me whooping, hollering, and going in circles—Barry snagged the ball, and away we went. We took a different route getting out of the yard—quite simply because that’s the direction we were going when Barry scooped up the ball—traveling beside the house and exiting across the border in the front yard. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it.

My theory is, we didn’t have enough momentum—the water and the fact my tires were spinning wildly being the reason for that little problem— and, in any case, what we did was high center on the hump that kept the water in the yard.

Barry gave me an I-told-you-so glare. I looked at him with wide eyes, and panic struck me as I realized it was nearly time for my dad to get home from work. I yelled at Barry, “Push me out!” I think Barry knew the reason for the fear on my face, and he bailed out with no hesitation and splashed around to the back of the little car. No deal; the car wouldn’t budge. … … to be continued (Why are you yelling at me? The second–and final–part will be available first thing tomorrow morning!)


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  2. D Hansen said

    hey this is just like Paul Harvey !!!!! and now for the rest of the story!!!! hahahahaaha

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