Looking On The Bright Side

Back in the day, I knew just enough about auto mechanics to be dangerous. I was actually able to perform regularly needed maintenance, and even do some repairs on my vehicles, but many things were way over my head. I would usually seek the advice of one of my neighbors, who was a mechanic, then proceed with the fixing of whatever needed repaired. Normally, I wouldn’t tackle a job I wasn’t confident I could handle, but sometimes, I’d bite off more than I could chew. One thing I really hated was when I’d finish the project and have left over bolts, nuts, washers, or all of the above. I kept those in a jar, in case the next time I did that particular repair, or maintenance, I might see where they were supposed to be.

I remember one time in particular, when I changed out the head gasket on my demon-spawn-Olds-442. (See my story, The Car Was Evil!) I had to do it twice, because when I got finished the first time and was putting away my tools, I was missing a ¼ inch wrench.

I looked everywhere for that wrench. Tools were expensive, and my supply of them was limited, to say the least. I looked in every nook and cranny of the engine compartment, under the car, and even checked my pockets. I cleaned the work bench and searched every drawer; several times then emptied the contents of my tool box onto the work bench and went through every tool. No ¼” wrench was to be found.

I hopped up onto the work bench, and as I stared at the car’s engine, I wracked my brain, trying to remember where I’d last used and/or seen the little wrench. After much thought, it suddenly occurred to me, and a chill ran through my body as I thought how dire the results could have been had I not noticed the wrench was missing.

As clear as can be, a visual came into my mind, and I remembered the last time I’d seen the wrench it was on top of one of the engine’s pistons. And, that is exactly where I found it.

I wasn’t happy about having to remove the head and do the project a second time, but I was quite happy when I found the wrench right where I’d left it. One has to look on the bright side, you know.


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  1. Sherry said

    silver linings, sweetie . . .

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