Bailing Out

Someone posted one of those surveys on FaceBook the other day; this one was about things we did when we were kids, and one of the items was swing sets. It asked if you ever had one that the legs came off the ground when you went too high. Didn’t everybody?

swingingI can still remember swinging in that swing set, and the rhythm of the sounds as you’d fly back and forth, not a care in the world; eeeeink, WHAM… eeeeink, WHAM. I think about it now, and chuckle, thinking how it must have irritated my parents and the nearby neighbors.

Another thing we used to do, was wind the swing in one direction as tight as we could, then let go and spin like crazy in the other direction. The fun part was trying to walk when the swing stopped spinning and you got out of it.

The best one though, was bailing out. I wonder how many kids suffered broken arms and/or legs from that daring activity. For those who never witnessed it—much less, tried it—bailing out was exactly what the name implies. You would get the swing going as high as you possibly could, then when you were coming forward, simply let go, and fly through the air, free as a bird…. with no wings.

I never got hurt doing it, and don’t know of any kids that did, but can you imagine the horror if one of the mom’s of today saw their child doing this? Would they sue the swing set company and demand seat belts on all swings? Probably!

I’m glad I got to spend my childhood in the good old days, when kids were allowed to be kids. I remember well the words of my dear sweet mama: “You wanna break your arm, knock yourself out.” I’m thinking, “Cool; a broken arm and a concussion; a two-fer!”



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I used to bail out, but my favorite thing was winding the swing and getting so dizzy.

  2. Reblogged this on Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still… and know that I am God" and commented:

    Ah, the good ol’ days!

  3. Sherry Mashburn said

    Good memory

  4. Gary said

    You are right Charles those were the days. These days kids hardly play outside.

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