Guess What’s For Lunch!

 First ripe tomato of the season, that’s what! I’m thinking bacon/tomato sandwiches! (We don’t need no stinking lettuce!)

Take a look at this first beauty, not to mention the cluster of almost ripe ones behind it! I told y’all some of my tips in my blog story, Gardnin’ Tips From A Texas Hoer, and here’s proof they work! We have a bumper crop of tomatoes on the vine; must be forty or so tomatoes on four plants! And there ain’t nothin’ better than a fresh home-grown tomato!

The ones we buy at the grocery store these days are picked too early—while they’re still green—and they let them ripen during transport. They just don’t taste as  good.

Our jalapeno plants are really putting out the peppers this year, too. They’re the same two plants from last year; they were in pots, and I kept them alive during the summer by keeping them in our little greenhouse. Then I re-potted them into bigger pots this spring and brought them out onto the patio. Evidently I did good! We’ve got about thirty BIG jalapenos on the two plants!

So when the ol’ Texas hoer speaks, y’all best listen! Yeee-haaaa. Fresh tomatoes!


  1. Susan said

    Show off! My tomatoes aren’t even blooming yet.

    • You better read the story, “Gardnin’ Tips From A Texas Hoer”! My secrets are in it!

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    can’t wait for lunch!!!!

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