On The Road Again!

We are loaded up and will momentarily be leaving for Borger, Texas, birthplace of yours truly (that’d be me), and the site of our seventh book signing event. The event will be at the Hastings in Borger tomorrow–Saturday, 5/21–from  2-4 pm. If you have friends and relatives in the area, please hit the FaceBook Share icon at the bottom of this post. OR, call ’em up and tell ’em about it!

Many of my relatives still live in the Borger area, and some will be traveling from nearby towns to enjoy the event, and just to visit with family they haven’t seen for awhile (that’d be me again). We’re looking forward to spending time with all of them and sharing the book signing event experience with them!

We will have the usual FREE homemade cookies, FREE gift bags that contain a signed/frame-ready copies of my poem Pennies From Heaven and Be Still book markers. We will also be selling copies of my two crime novels, Shelter, and The Devil’s Dust. And, of course, I will be autographing them!

Please leave a comment! We love hearing from you!

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