Home Again, Home Again

We’re back from the Borger book signing, and the dog was sure glad to see us! She’s sound asleep now! She doesn’t sleep much while were gone; too worried, I reckon.

The book signing was great, but seeing all the cousins, aunts, Mom, Ray Brown, and Uncle Sid, was the real treat.

Sold lots of books, but the real score of the trip was nabbing eight jars of Aunt Ada’s homemade jams & jellies! Where is the doggone peanut butter??

Hopefully we will have some pictures posted in the next day or two (if Salley can figure out how to do it!)

Thanks for the support, everyone!


  1. ken said

    Why ya gotta be all negative on Salley? (If she can figure it out) You are still vexed that she told the truth about you in that other thread! Let it go Bro! Cheers Ken

    • Okay, that does it! If you’re gonna start using words I have to look up, I cain’t talk to ya. Takes too, long.

  2. Sherry said

    Ken, Ken, Ken. Charlie’s just repeating what Sally said herself. Wish you could have been there . . . it was a very special family reunion.

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