Marbles In My Pocket

I wish!

In my story, Kite Season, I wrote about the various “seasons” we seemed to have when we were in grade school. Yo-yo season, squirt gun season, kite season, and the likes, but I didn’t mention marbles. Not that I was any better with a yo-yo or a squirt gun, but I was terrible at the game of marbles. I don’t know why, but I just never could acquire the skill to shoot the darn little glass ball straight and hard. As a result, I was always losing all my marbles.

I can’t remember exactly how you play—there were different games—but it seemed the most common was one where you’d draw a circle in the playground dirt, and each player would put a certain number of marbles into the ring. Then, each player would take a turn shooting at the marbles in the ring. You shot at them, by placing a marble in the crook of your index finger, aiming it, and then flipping it with your thumb. You did this while kneeling or squatting, with your hand on the dirt. Your shooting hand had to remain outside the ring.

The object was to knock the marbles in the ring out of the ring with your “shooter”. When you knocked a marble out of the ring, you got to keep it. The guy who could shoot the best, obviously wound up with most of the marbles. I was not that guy.

I think I remember Kelly Smith being one of the good marble shooters. You could always spot the good players, by the way their pockets bulged—they were full of my marbles. The really classy marble players even had a marble bag to carry their captured marbles in. It was typically a bag made of cloth or leather, with a drawstring top. I never had much use for one, because I usually only had my marbles until first recess, then they were in Kelly Smith’s pocket or bag.

I spent a small fortune on marbles! I wonder if Kelly still has them?


  1. Sherry said

    And now we all know . . . how it came about that you’d lost all your marbles!!

  2. Ok! I finally found the blog entry that mentions playing marbles. Thanks.

    • Sorry if the name of the blog mislead you, but thanks for stopping by!

      • As you may have already discovered, I am a writer. I am VERY intrigued by the actual theme and title of your book, Be Still. I have contemplated writing a book, about the challenge for all of us. The think the true power and peace we need, is found only within each of us and discovered only through silence. “Be Still, and know that I am God.”

      • Actually, I hadn’t discovered that. I was only able to access your gravatar, and I haven’t found your blog or web site yet.
        I write daily encouragements–that’s the main purpose of my blog–and have been doing so for three years now. It’s a blessing to me to think my simple encouragements might help others.
        The title of the book seemed like a natural choice, since the theme of the encouragements is not being afraid and my main goal in life is to be able to be at peace and to let go and let God. I get closer to that goal each day, and the title of my book of encouragements for 2013 is, “Are We There Yet?” I may or may not publish it, but we will see how things transpire.
        As for being a writer, I consider myself a wanna-be. I read a lot, and every time I read a book by one of my favorite authors, I am reminded how much of an amateur I am. But I keep practicing, and who knows; maybe one of these days!
        Thanks again for the visit and interest!

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