Blood On The Moon – the poem

I think this poem I wrote in 1998 is a fitting post after our “Second Coming” scare last week. I did not write it thinking the return of our Lord was near. I wrote it knowing He will return… some day.

I plan to be ready, no matter when it might be. And, I am not afraid.

Blood On The Moon

Tears are streaming down my face
I see blood on the moon
Riders race across the sky
Is Jesus coming soon

People vanish all around me
Gone in the blink of an eye
Thunder crashes, mountains crumble
Day turns dark as night

Cool wind blows across my face
Bittersweet kiss from the groom
My mind screams fear, I tremble
Run and hide in my room

Scarred hands reach to find me
In the dust beneath my bed
He says, “Come with me, child
For we’ve already been wed”

He takes me to the sky with Him
I feel weak, I begin to swoon
I awake from the dream…. Screaming
Out my window…. I see blood on the moon

Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Awesome! and timely!

  2. What a vivd depiction of the returning Groom. Great job!

  3. A.B. Thomas said

    cool write!

  4. splendid write but why the fear of the groom? unless the bride is not ready 😦
    enjoy the potluck!

  5. Jingle said

    amazingly beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing, you rock.


  6. Stunning imagery, I just peeped out of the window at the moon just to reassure myself .

    • Thanks! There is a story by the same name on my blog. Please, read it if you have time. I think you will find the imagery in it stunning, as well.

  7. Iris D said

    what a truthful and heart felt poem. I agree we need to be prepared at all times, cause we do not know the day or hour.

  8. mbwilliams said

    Intense, broody, bursting like a storm newly broken on the sky. Wonderful piece

  9. I agree with mb brooding, terror, dark imagery, great job!

  10. Tally said

    I think that the fear you described was very palpable, a beautiful poem.

  11. meiro said

    Lovely written
    Thanks for sharing.

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