They Got Everything Allsups

I lived in New Mexico for a few years, and it seemed Allsup’s convenience stores were the most popular there. There was one on virtually every corner. The typical convenience store; you could buy almost everything you needed there, it just cost you a bit more than the same item would cost at a grocery store.

One Saturday, we were out exploring some of the back roads of New Mexico in the jeep, and when we came to a small town, pulled into the local Allsup’s. At the time, I used Copenhagen tobacco, and it was one of the items I wanted to purchase. Unfortunately, the particular Allsup’s we had stopped at was out of Copenhagen. No problem; we’d get some at the next town. We continued our exploring.

A short time later, we came across another small town Allsup’s, and by then it was approaching beer-thirty, so I was not only interested in purchasing some Copenhagen, but a sixer of Miller Lite had been added to the shopping list.

I don’t know if it was the county we were in, but the Allsup’s clerk informed me they did not sell beer there, and they were also out of Copenhagen. What the???

I marched back out to the jeep and told the others I’d figured out why they called these store’s Allsup’s.

Somebody bit, and asked, “Why do they call them Allsup’s, Charlie?”

I smiled over my shoulder at him and said, “Because, they sell everything allsups Copenhagen and beer.”

You should have heard the groans! Kind of like some of you are doing right now, I betcha!

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