Here’s a news flash gardnin’ tip from your favorite Texas hoer: the big ones are HOT! I’m sure my brother Ken’s mind is racing off in the wrong direction about now, but, hey, what’re you gonna do?

I’m talking about this bumper crop of jalapenos I got goin’ over here. The tomatoes are outta sight as well, but, today, I got to tell y’all about these jalapenos!

I’m no big fan of a singed tongue, so I approach these situations cautiously. I had read in and Internet article, that the hottest part of the jalapeno was the seeds and membrane on the inside, so if you weren’t looking for a fire in your mouth, you should clean that out before eating the pepper.

We did that on the first several we picked this year, and they were actually too, mild; so the next few we harvested, I tried leaving the seeds and membrane intact, and they were just about right. By the way, mostly what we do with the jalapenos is make pico de gallo;  a mixture of fresh jalapeno, tomatoes, and onion; delicious on lots of dishes, or simply as a dip for tortilla chips.

The first ones we left the seeds and membrane in were kind of small, but I didn’t think size mattered (There goes Ken’s brain again.) Come to find out, it does matter, and the big ones are HOT!

I’m thinkin’ we’ll scrape the membrane and seeds out of the next big ones. Hooooo-Wee!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    It is so-o-o nice to have fresh veggies!!

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