There It Is!

Speaking of my cousin, Eddy Madden, he was born exactly nine months after I was and so, for three months out of every year, we are the same age. On May first, he turned sixty; on August first I will be sixty-one. That fact is only important in the sense it partly explains why we were so close growing up—we were basically the same age. Here’s a little something I wrote for him to put in his 60th birthday album.

My family moved around a lot, but for part of my younger years, we lived fairly close to the Maddens, and Ed and I played together a lot. Then after we moved away, I still got to spend a week—sometimes more—with cousin Ed in the summer.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the times Uncle Marvin, Ed’s dad, would take us to the lake, where we’d ski, fish and swim. Me and Ed skied double most of the time, and we had a blast. But here’s something Ed probably doesn’t know, and it’s one of the reasons why I loved him then and love him now.

When we’d be driving to the lake—and I know this to be true with most little boys—Ed and I would sit huddled by the window, and the closer to the lake we’d get, the harder we’d look, hoping to finally see the first glimpse of water. Our excitement was palpable, and I can still feel the tension mounting as we’d get closer and closer. I think we always caught that first glimpse of the lake at the same instant, and we’d look at each other and yell, “There it is!”

And that’s the picture I will always carry in my heart of Eddy Madden: Eyes wide, a grin as big as Texas, and utter joy upon his face. And he still has a patent on that grin.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I saw Eddy this weekend, and he still has the irrespressible grin of a nine-year old boy!!

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