Get Your Ducks In A Row!

Here’s another poem I’ve posted before, some of you might have seen it, but I know most of you probably missed it. It’s one of those silly things that just popped into my head when I heard the title one day. We’ve all been there, and done this, in one way or another. I hope you get a chuckle out of it. It was a natural for the Poetry Potluck this week.

Ducks In A Row


Get your ducks in a row, the boss yelled

You best get your stuff in one sack

Get your act together, he screamed

Or tomorrow we won’t need you back

Well, I had no idea what he meant

So I started to pace and fret

I don’t own any ducks, I thought

My predicament caused me to sweat

Noon came around and away I flew

Drove fast to the nearest mall

Purchased a book of duck tricks

And a quite expensive duck call

Raced out of town to the lake

Used the duck call that cost twenty bucks

Was worth it, for out of the reeds

Came a waddling, six little ducks

I’m quacking up, I thought to myself

For there wasn’t another soul there

I got out the book of duck tricks

And a duck act I began to prepare

I tried everything in the trick book

But them ducks seemed none too bright

Then the answer came suddenly to me

Above my head shone a bulb of light

Drove back to the office post haste

The monkey was near off my back

Told the boss, they’re not in a row, but

Would you settle for six ducks in a sack

Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    This quacks me up!

  2. ~L said

    Love it!!!! You made me Laugh:)

  3. “Then the answer came suddenly to me

    Above my head shone a bulb of light”

    Funny! Damn funny!

    Happy Potluck! 🙂

  4. Olivia said


    This serves him well.. 🙂
    Loved the pun.. I mean fun.. hahahaha

    hugs xox

  5. HA HA…. CAN’T STOP .. Six in a sack or get the sack.. Thanks for lightening up today’s heavy topc.

  6. Jingle said

    a story wittingly told.

  7. Lyn said

    It pays to be literal minded if things turn out this well…now where did the monkey go?To someone elses back??

  8. harhar! another ducktator 😉

  9. This is adorable lol

  10. Love it! So did he settle for them? Bet they messed up his office.

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