Behind The Clouds

Twice I’ve stood in the same doorway and said goodbye to someone who’d been an important part of my life. The first time it was my beloved grandpa, Luther “Pa” Stringer that lay in the bed staring up at me with bright yet aged eyes. The second time it was my precious Uncle Sid, but on both occasions it seemed I was looking into the same set of eyes. I believe I was.

Both times there was a knowing between us that we would not see each other again on this earth. In both sets of eyes I saw sadness, but there was joy in them, too. It was like looking into a cloudy sky above dark treetops, knowing that behind the clouds, the sun was shining and though the day was dark and dreary, there would be a new day—a new beginning—when the storm was over.

Pa left us for celestial shores many years ago, and Uncle Sid’s glad morning came yesterday, June 11, 2011, at six A.M. Both, like birds thrown and driven by a storm have gone from this earth.

I know they’re okay though. I know because the last time I saw them, I looked into their weary eyes and saw Jesus looking back at me. I know because the sun is rising over the trees in the neighbor’s yard this morning.

And I know without a doubt I will see them both again, because one glad morning I’ll fly away to a land where joy shall never end, and be with them for ever more. Yes, hallelujah, by and by I shall see them again.


  1. Sherry said


  2. Ina said

    Written well and beautiful!

  3. “I looked into their weary eyes and saw Jesus looking back at me” — oh, I love this line and have experienced it myself. What a sweet story…thanks for sharing!

  4. A.B. Thomas said

    Eloquently expressed

  5. Absolutely beautiful I do know what you are talking about when my grandmother died there was this light around her coffin that we could all see and she looked so serene, so young, so completely content (not like anyone I have ever seen before or since) I really felt that she was going somewhere wonderful and I am positive your grandfather and Uncle Sid also have beautiful destinies awaiting them. Fantastic

    • Thank you very much. I enjoy your poems, and your comments are greatly appreciated. Please stop by and see us again!

  6. Jingle said

    positive take on life’s losses, your theme is superb.


    • Thanks, Jingle. I try to stay positive. Doesn’t do me or anyone else any good to be otherwise! Lemonade all around!

  7. pure2core said


  8. Faye said

    God be with you in your grief. I can understand just what you are saying and it was so beautifully written. I long for the time when I see my loved ones that have gone before me – a huge reunion of sorts, I’m sure! That light we will be seeing will be brighter than any sun we see today on earth.

    Thank you Charlie!

  9. That. Was. Neat.

    I loved this. Brought back memories of the last time I saw my uncle.

    Beautiful job, really!

    • Thanks, Bryce. I’m so glad I got to see my uncle that one last time. It will be a special memory for a long long time.

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