Hello! My name is Charlie

As a belated Memorial Day tribute, I’d like to tell you a story about Sherry’s father, James King. He passed away last year, and he is truly missed. He was a veteran, and very proud of that fact; he was also one of the most loving fathers and grandfathers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. From what I saw, his entire life was centered on his family. I respected and admired him very much.

Sherry and I spent many holidays at her parent’s house. We’d drive to Houston from Austin or Spicewood, and have dinner then usually head back home. Easter and Thanksgiving were our usual visits. At one such gathering, her dad made an embarrassing mistake. As he passed one of the dishes filled with something delicious to me, he called me by Sherry’s ex-husband’s name.

Mr. King apologized profusely, and in spite of my assurance I was not offended, he was obviously upset at his error. I truly was not offended, and the situation was soon forgotten. Until the next holiday dinner.

We were all taking our places at the table, and I held back for a moment, and at the last minute took my seat at the right hand of Mr. King. He always sat at the head of the table, and I typically sat at his right hand. The passing of the dishes and filling of plates began, and small talk filled the room. A few giggles began, as everyone began to notice what I had done (Sherry knew I was going to do it).

Mr. King handed a bowl of mashed potatoes to me, and that’s when he saw it. I had placed a name tag on my shirt that said, “Charlie”.

We all got a good laugh at Mr. King’s expense, and I don’t think he ever got my name wrong again.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Daddy LOVED that kind of joke.

  2. jacksonj64 said

    Love it….yeah, I have situations that I have to be careful of. My first husband was Tony, so yeah, I marry another “T”…Terry. So of course it is always honey, baby, etc. Tony’s birthday is September 24, Terry’s is the 30th. Tony and I were married on 10/10…Terry and on on 10/8. Someone shake some sense in me….I could have at least gotten married in another month, but Terry chose the date!

    • Yes’m, it makes for some interesting situations; especially if you talk in your sleep! But you…. seems like you were just ASKING for trouble! hahaha

  3. LeAnn Gallman said

    That’s priceless! And I’m sure he loved it! What a great memory.

    • He DID get a big kick out of it! One of those little things that got me a “I can’t believe you did that” look the rest of the day. I LOVE it when that happens!!

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