Announcing: Marbles In My Pocket!

I was recently honored to be interviewed on the web site, Jingle Poetry in their Meet The Poet feature. It may not seem like a big deal, but to me it was huge! I appreciate the attention and opportunity very much. One of the questions was regarding the name of my blog, and though I had occasionally considered putting a name on my blog, I’d not given it any serious thought. The interview prompted me to do so, however, and the name I chose was “Marbles In My Pocket”.

 I like the nostalgic, childlike feel of it. It is the title of one of my previous blog posts, where I write about the various seasons of our childhood—mine anyway.

And that—the seasons aspect of the “Marbles” story—led me to consider that my blog is very much about seasons. If you’ve read many of the stories and poems on my blog, you know they encompass many things. There are stories and poems about good things, sad things, deep things, frivolous things, God things, sin things, happy things and silly things. It seems to me these varied beliefs, curiosities, emotions and feelings we experience throughout our days on this spinning orb are indeed the seasons of our lives

I contend, therefore, the stories and poems I write are very much like a pocket full of marbles, in that they are varied in many ways, but they combine to make the whole of a lifetime; not just my lifetime, but the life and times of the folks I’ve shared it with. They fill the pocket of time I have spent here with you, and though I tend to give them away freely, my pocket is somehow always full.

I truly hope you enjoy the things I share with you, because life is like a pocket full of marbles; it’s no fun unless you take them out, put it all out there and give it your best shot. I’m surely not the best at the game, but, oh, how I love to play!

Won’t you join me?

(Don’t be skeert!)


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I love marbles!!! Did you ever “fry” them?

  2. mark hapner said

    have you heard of a poem called, or containing, ‘how many things are in my pocket’

    • I haven’t heard of the poem, Mark. I was however, surprised to find there is a book of poems–written in the eighties, if I rmember correctly–called Marbles in My Pocket. When I picked that as the name for my blog, I had the mistaken asumption it would be very unique. Found the book by accident one day, doing a search for something else.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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