This Bloggin’ Thang

I remember many, many days ago, when I was first approached about using a computer in my work as a construction superintendent. I scoffed at the suggestion and haughtily suggested that I didn’t need no stinkin’ computer to do my job.

I remember how, back then, we would sit with a professional schedule builder—I’m thinking his name was Pat Paulsen—and we would walk through the sequence of activities on a project, in order to build a bar chart schedule. Estimating was tedious, as well; much scratch paper and pencils employed in the derivation of a bid or cost estimate.

It wasn’t until the early nineties—seems a lifetime ago—that someone put a computer in front of me, and said let me show you something. I watched, transfixed, as in a matter of minutes he constructed a basic bar chart schedule. I was hooked.

I was so fascinated by the concept of computer scheduling, that I soon became somewhat of an expert at it, and was teaching others how to do it. I believe my proficiency at it helped me to stay employed in the commercial construction field.

The same thing happened with blogging. I am well convinced of the benefits of a computer as regards writing, but for at least a year, I resisted blogging. I had no understanding of the concept, was doing quite well without it, and so shrugged it off as a passing fad I did not need.

When I published my book, Be Still, the publisher set up a blog for me. I ignored it for three months. Then one day, a friend, Linda Harvell, said what so many before her had said, “You need to do a blog.” She believed it would be a good tool to help market my book.

I told her I already had a blog, but didn’t have any idea how to use it. She said she’d put me in touch with a friend of hers, Pamela Fagan Hutchins, who could help me get started. And here I am, blogging like a mad man. (Hush, Gary.)

In a few days, visits to my blog will top the 10,000 mark. The first week of the almost eleven weeks I’ve been doing this, a total of 141 visits were recorded; the last four weeks hits have averaged almost 1000 per week.

So I went from being that guy who didn’t need no stinkin’ computer, to this guy who can’t imagine life without one. I mean, what would I do without this ability to be a part of so many people’s lives. Each one of whom I consider a friend; some of which I will never lay eyes upon.

But, the best part about this bloggin’ thang, though is the tremendous enjoyment I receive from it. The comments from readers—friends—inspire me and encourage me, and knowing people from all over the world are reading my poems, stories and encouragements is an awesome thing.

Thanks to everyone of you!

You make my days!

P.S.: By the way, you can subscribe to my blog (it’s free and easy to do). Just scroll down the right side of this, or any post on the blog, to the last thing you see–Email subscrition– click on it and follow the simple instructions.


  1. Sherry said

    Very good. I like the history and it was touching, as well. I remember your first word processor, and I also remember the first story you wrote–on yellow, legal tablet, with a pencil.

  2. Dave said

    Personally I’m not too sure about all this computer stuff but you seem to have it under control. I still use the tablet and pen method. I enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks.

    • I’m glad you enjoy it, Dave! I’m self taught on the computer bidness, and learn something almost daily. I have a lot of, “DOH” moments.

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