A Thousand Angels Crying

This is my post for Jingle Poetry site’s Poetry Potluck #40. If you enjoy poetry in any form, take a look at what the folks who share their talented offerings on the site have to offer. This week’s theme is Void, Loneliness, and Sorrow, and I think the following poem fits all three. If you’ve ever suffered through a broken relationship, this poem will tug at your heart strings. It is truly a sad thing to have to go through and I believe the angels do cry when they look down upon it.

A Thousand Angels Crying


Star filled sky on lonely night

A thousand angels crying

Looking down upon the sight

Of another love that’s dying


Lover’s part on quiet street

Never more their lips will touch

Eyes dark with pain a last time meet

Hearts breaking, love’s weight too much


Silent night, no words left to say

All is said, the wind whispers, no

Lovers unhearing, slow walk away

To their separate tomorrows go


Golden ring there on the ground

Wind whispers, no…. trees sighing

From grey morning sky, the mournful sound

Of a thousand angels crying


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    This totally captures that empty, lonely feeling of a broken heart

  2. Great expression in your words

  3. Beautiful expressions, great write

  4. Teri C said

    This beautiful poem DID tug at my heartstrings!! Lost love is so sad.

  5. Yes, I’m sure that broken love does affect the entire world of Spirit. Nice rhyme and meter to this one, as well.

  6. mairmusic said

    A lovely landscape of sorrow.

  7. Captures the beauty in sorrow and loneliness. It brings a tear to the eye!

  8. The verse:

    “Silent night, no words left to say
    All is said, the wind whispers, no
    Lovers unhearing, slow walk away
    To their separate tomorrows go…”

    Left me feeling the void of a relationship dissolved.

    An excellent poem.

  9. tigerbrite said

    I never thought about the angels crying for us in our painful moments. I know I was hugged by one of them once and I know they come to help us if we ask.

    • I definitely believe they weep for us and with us in our sorrowful times. I also believe they rejoice with us in our good times.

  10. Rek said

    Poignant in its beauty…
    the heart cries
    a tomorrow dies
    the past we hold on to
    for that’s all we ever had.
    Thanks for visiting.

  11. Antimony said

    Absolutely beautiful, perfect capture of heartache.

    A x

    • Thank you! I always seem to write best when I’m in distress. Or, just the opposite. Oh, what am I saying? I just let it out and see what happens!
      Stop by again!

  12. hope they get back together for those angels least 🙂

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