Dandy Don!

I have to tell y’all another one about my brother, Ken. I love telling “Ken Stories”! Have you noticed? This one is about Ken’s encounter with a celebrity; he’s always been kind of the star-struck sort, and as you will see, he is, at times, at a loss for words. (NOT!)

I need to set this one up for those of you who aren’t quite as old as Ken: Back in the old days, there was a quite talented quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys, by the name of Don Meredith. Toward the end of “Dandy Don’s”(a nickname he earned with his exuberant personality) career, he did some TV commercials for Lipton Tea. You need to know those basic facts for this story to have meaning.

Ken was in Dallas on business, and, at that time, one of our cousin’s sons was playing football at SMU. The football player’s younger brother was working at a local eatery that many current and former Dallas Cowboy players liked to frequent. So, Ken decided to take some clients to the place, hoping to impress them if some of the Cowboy’s were there. Turns out, he wasn’t disappointed.

When they got to the restaurant, there was a rather large man standing in front of the entrance, and he informed Ken they would not be able to enter at that time, because there was a private function going on inside. Not one to give up easily, Ken asked when the function would be over. The big fellow said he didn’t think it would be too, long.

A few minutes later, men began pouring out of the building—Ken recognized many of them as current Cowboy players, and said that judging by the size of most of them, they were all players. As they milled around in front of the building having conversations and saying goodbyes, one tall, good-looking guy—a bit older than most of the others—wound up standing right next to Ken.

Ken—being the shy sort he is—looked right at the guy and said, “Hey!” Then unable to remember the man’s name, continued, “Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me!” But, alas, the name would not come to my little brother’s mind, though a picture suddenly did; of the man sitting beside a swimming pool with a glass of tea in his hand. Ken finally—grinning ear-to-ear—blurted out, “LIPTON TEA!”

Dandy Don Meredith was quite amused.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Deep down, all men get a little crazy around their heroes!

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