Mowin’ The Greens

I’ve told you about the pasture pool golf course out in Spicewood Beach where we used to live in several of my stories (there will be more golf stories!); The Daily Lie, and Redneck Economics are two examples. But, there was also some work involved in the equation. I mentioned before, it was a self-maintained course, and I was involved in a bit of the voluntary labor.

My buddy Jaybird didn’t live in Spicewood Beach, but he helped a lot, maintaining the water system we installed to water the greens, and keep them as nice as we could. In exchange, the neighborhood Gestapo—I mean POA—allowed him to play golf anytime he wanted to. Jaybird and I enjoyed many fun rounds of golf together on that little course.

Other than helping Jaybird with the watering system, my main duty—self-appointed—was mowing the greens. I actually enjoyed doing it, too.

During the time we lived in Spicewood Beach, I worked for Texas Parks & Wildlife, and had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. I worked out of town every week for nine years, but those three-day weekends helped to ease the pain of not being home during the week. As a result, Friday was usually the day I mowed the greens; in peak growing season, I’d hit them again on Sunday, and sometimes, one of the other residents would give them a go during the week while I was gone. Most of the time, since the course wasn’t used much on weekdays anyway, once a week was enough.

I really enjoyed mowing the greens in the hot summertime; I’d go out there about ten or eleven in the morning, mow the greens—sometimes move the cups, too—then after I was done, and had worked up a good sweat, I’d go jump in the lake and cool off. How awesome is that?

The mowing was therapeutic for me. It was a time when I could be alone with my thoughts, enjoying the outdoors, and accomplishing something that would benefit many of my friends and neighbors. Another benefit was the noise the mower made—more a benefit to the nearby residents, than to me—because I could sing at the top of my lungs and not disturb anyone.

Yep; mowin’ the greens; I kinda miss it.

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  1. Sherry said

    Yep, you loved that course, all right. I enjoyed helping move the holes on occassion, too. Except when I would get surprised by a frog in the cup.

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