I’m Your Huckleberry ~ 6-28-11

So how’d my day go? Well, talking to the dog is frustrating. She can’t talk back, and therefore, I’m never really sure if she’s happy with the way I’m doing things. I can usually figure out what she likes to eat, because some things she will devour without coming up for air, and other things she’ll turn her nose up at, and give me a look; a look that if she could talk, would probably say, “Dude! You suck!”

Not to compare my readers to the dog, but it’s often the same kind of one-sided conversation. The comments I receive are few and far between, and I’m often left wondering if my readers like what I’m doing. Am I putting up too many posts each day? How many would be enough? One? Three? Five? Seven? Are the posts too long? Too short?

Bark once if you like things the way I’m doing them now; or howl like a coyote if you don’t. Or, just say, “Dude! You suck!”

Comments are very welcome!


  1. Sherry said


    Seriously, I like what you are doing. I know that writing is a lonely and isolated art form, but you are doing good . . . and you don’t suck!

  2. Frog said

    Frogs can’t bark

  3. Frog said

    They only croak

  4. ShirleyAnderson said


  5. Faye said

    I hear enough barking at home. But – one another note – I enjoy your blogs. There are times I do not have time to read them until I get home but keep on writing. Here is a bark from me, or this late at night, it is more like a whine.

    • Thank you, Faye! You are certainly one of my best barkers! Your frequent, and often in-depth, comments encourage me to keep on doing what I do.

  6. Vangie said

    Here’s a bark from me too! I look forward to reading your blogs; I go to your site first thing every morning and keep checking throughout the day for more. Need more please! I could send a comment on every one because I enjoy them so much…but I didn’t want you to think I was stalking you. Ha!

    • Vangie! Please, stalk me! I mean that! That’s what I’m talking about in this post. I yearn to hear from ALL my readers, but those who have time to, and do comment, are my oxygen! You make my days worthwhile and complete! I try on occasion to let my readers know how important you are to me, but when I do, I’m concerned I may be coming across as whining or begging. Well…. I am! I’m sorry, but I despeartely need to know people are reading, and I also need to know if they enjoy–or not–what they read. So, I repeat, stalk me!
      Thank you, Vangie. You are, indeed, a most wonderful member of my little “gang”.

  7. Faye said

    I will be barking away when I can. You have encouraged me too. Indeed, writing is a lonely profession. The responses you get are like an ‘amen’ to you. If a preacher hears an ‘amen’ from the congregation, it is like a ‘sic ’em’ to a dog. 🙂

  8. Faye said

    Sorry – the word is congregation – not congregational but once that post went out – I could not correct the spelling. 😦

  9. Faye said

    Now that’s funny!

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