I’m Your Huckleberry ~ 6-29-11

Focus on the good stuff. I think I’ll hang a sign off the brim of my old hat, so that thought will lead me around all day. Well, when I’m outside anyway. I don’t wear my old beat up hat in the house. But, maybe I should make signs and place them all over the house.

I had a roller coaster day today; some highs and some lows; some fasts and some slows. But as the day comes to its end, I can sit here and say, it was all good. I fret over things more than I should—we all do—but in the overall scheme of things, I have a wonderful life.

I hope you do, too.


  1. Sherry said

    It’s all good . . .

  2. Faye said

    It is all good…in the Lord!

  3. Ravenblack said

    Insightful. 🙂 I think it’s the only thing one can do on a bad day. Overall, things have been good and I am well. Thanks for this write.

    • I believe we have to learn to do this every day, no matter what life deals us. A lofty goal, I know, but one I strive for.
      Thank you so much for the visit, read, and comment!

  4. allmyposts said

    Me too!! Had a wonderful day!!

    Happy to know that you had wonderful day irrespective of lows and highs !!

    with warm regards
    Another Author

  5. Baishali said

    🙂 yes … so good to read this.

  6. dsnake1 said

    thanks for the positive vibes, i really need it! it has been a bad week in the office, & your post reminds me to give some time to myself.

    excuse me while i go pop a beer. 🙂

    • Right on! One has to put his own needs on the front burner once in awhile. Mine, thankfully are sated by the kind words and acts of fine folks like you and the guy on the mower. I don’t need much; just a little comment, alittle gesture, and I’m a happy camper.
      Thanks for the read and comment! Cheers!

  7. Thanks, it was nice to read this. Appreciation and accepting what you’ve been given. Love how the ups and downs didn’t change your perspective. It’s all good, and in the grand scheme of things, it certainly is:)

    • Thanks, Fred. And, I agree, it is ALL good. Thanks for the read and comment! Stop by again!

  8. Baishali said

    loads of insight and wisdom here … thanks for sharing 🙂

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