Maybe Tomorrow She’ll Wave!

I know the following comment will garner a lot of derogatory responses, but I’m going to say it anyway: I try to be a good example to others. Oh, I know I’m not always a good example, and sometimes I’m a downright terrible example, but I do try. Honest, Gary! I do!

A quick side note to those of you who might be wondering who the “Gary” is I mention in some of these posts: He is one of my “old” high school chums and team mates, who has become quite an avid reader of my blog. He loves to jab at me about some of the stories I tell, and I love to jab back. The fact is, I appreciate him very much and feel like we’re right back at good old Buckeye Union High when we’re trading barbs.

As for the setting-an-example thing, I was rewarded for my efforts this morning by a young lady—I’d guess her to be sixteen or so—who rides her bike around the park some mornings when I’m walking the dog.

Her “bike” is one of those three wheel jobs that sit real low to the ground. I think I might like to ride one because the seat is not one of those typical little things which my big ol’ but finds terribly uncomfortable, but a nice “wide” canvas one that looks to be very comfortable to sit in. The problem would be in the fact the seat is about six inches off the ground. I don’t know if I could get into the seat, and I can pretty much guarantee you if I got in it, I wouldn’t be able to get out of it. It would be fun for others to watch me try though.

Anyway, the first few times I saw the girl on her bike she had approached from behind me and got off the sidewalk to go around me and the dog. The next time I saw her she was coming toward us, so I got off the sidewalk and Dockers and I walked in the grass until she was past us. I have continued to do this for her anytime I see her.

Another thing about the young lady is she is either shy, or not very friendly. I’ve said hi, or good morning, to her several times—or waved–and she not only does not return my greeting, but never even looks my way. What’s up with that?

At the park I’m referring to, there are multiple routes one can take, and occasionally when I see the girl riding her bike, I will take one of the other routes so our paths do not cross. I’ve often wondered why she doesn’t think to extend the same courtesy to me and old Dockers. Well, today she did!

I can’t tell you how good that made me feel! (Oh… yes I can. I am!) I do many things in the course of my days to try and be courteous to those around me, and in some instances, I’m dismayed that my acts of kindness or courtesy seem to have no effect on the people I encounter. Today, I felt a sense of accomplishment when that young lady veered off onto one of the other paths, allowing me and the dog to continue on our way.

Maybe tomorrow she’ll wave!


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Maybe next week she’ll even speak!!

  2. For some changes happen immediately, for others the steps are slow and deliberate. Tomorrow is always a new day and a new way.

    • I look forward to tomorrow and whatever it brings! Thanks for the read and comment, Dan!

  3. C Rose said

    Enjoyed this ~ I often try and force the awkward contact of a passing stranger…why won’t you just smile or nod!?! I always end up proclaiming only to myself as I continue on…thanks for taking me into your moment. ~ Rose

    • Thanks, C. Rose; for stopping by to say hello and comment on my little story. I almost find it a challenge to get a hello or even a wave from this young lady. Come by again!

  4. Sometimes they wear those earpiece things to listen to thier music as they exercise, maybe she has her music so loud she never hears you. I would think out oc common courtesy she would go around at times too. Maybe she is nervous of making contact even with someone walking a dog. We live in much more dangerous times now compared to even 20 years ago. Who knows.
    At least you won a mini consession today.
    Very nice tale, thank you for sharing and thanks for visiting me.

    • All of those things are no dout true. I think she does have an ipod with ear-pieces, and I also sense she is wary of strangers. The part about her “seemingly” showing the courtesy of changing her route, may be simply hopeful thinking on my part, too, but I can think the best!
      Thank you for stopping by, reading my story, and commenting!
      Stop by again!

  5. I think you have a minor victory here. A wave or more may be on the cards next. My old dad used to say hello to almost everyone on his route regardless of age and I always give a little smile.

    Admittedly, I do like listening to music when out and about but no longer wear headphones in shops, bus stops, ect. I usually scrape my hair back into a ponytail to let others see the headphone wires! I have inadvertently ‘ignored’ friends and almost got run over at a crossing! Mostly, though, I consider how rude it can seem to others…..I think my old dad would have something to say about it……!lol

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