Little Deuce Coupe

My best friend when we were in school was Barry Patterson, and his dad, Cliff Patterson, was a funny guy. He was always teasing me and playfully insulting me. That means he liked me, right?

Mr. Patterson owned a small used car lot right across the street from Ray’s Burger Queen (I mistakenly referred to it as the Dairy King in my stories, Yay! Bean Day! and Pinball Wizard) and he sold some pretty cool cars. Barry got to drive some of them when were in high school.

I remember he had a Chevrolet Corvair when they’d been out a couple of years, and I never liked that one. I was always telling Barry it was a funny looking little piece of crap, and he’d get mad at me every time. I never understood what he saw in that car. It broke down on him quite often, too, and it was uncanny how I would often be the one to find him alongside the road. Being the sensitive friend I was, I never took advantage of those situations by ribbing him mercilessly about his “cool” car being broken down again. Never laughed at him either. (Why is my nose suddenly blocking my view of my monitor?)

Any way, the coolest car Barry got to drive was a 1932 Ford deuce coupe like the one in the picture above. His wasn’t black though, it was bright orange. It had been customized–seemingly by and for a high school boy–and had white, tuck-and-roll seats to go with the loud paint job. The guy who’d customized it had also dropped a 289 cubic inch motor and a four-speed transmission into it. That baby could haul butt!

I can’t recall any of the other cars Barry drove, but the deuce coupe was definitely my favorite!


  1. mbwilliams said

    great memories, vividly portrayed

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    My brother got a Corvair as a graduation from college present. He had it for years and finally sold it for $50.

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