I Got To Fess Up

For those who don’t understand some of my lingo, to “fess up” is to confess, or come clean on a situation. I got a little fessin’ up to do about that fish story—I Need More Time—I wrote this morning. It had some truth to it, but I may have embellished a wee bit. So, it’s confession time!

I’ll begin the cleanup by saying I am not a fisherman. In fact, I hadn’t had a fishing license for about ten years until I bought a one-day license Sunday. I used to do quite a bit of fishing at one time, but never anything serious like tournaments and stuff.

On the other hand, Cousin Ed and Ray Brown are experienced fishermen who have fished tournaments for years, and they know what’s going on.

There was some truth to the story though, in that I did catch the only fish Sunday—a big mouth bass that was probably three pounds. Also, I was very quiet and nonchalant when I reeled it in, and Ed did get pretty excited. That was fun!

But y’all know me well enough to know I did not give them boys a hard time about me being the only one to catch a fish. Well, okay, maybe a little bit.

My hat did in fact come off, and I could say it was because Ed was going to fast (because he was aggravated about me catching the only fish), but actually, I was messing around and knocked it off myself. He did go back to try and find it, but those panama style hats I wear sink fast for some reason. And it was old.

So, yes, I made most of that fish story up, but how could I resist? When Cousin Ed offers me up a situation where I can take a few pokes in fun at him, I got to run with it! I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Oh. They didn’t throw rocks at us either. (Although, I stand firmly by the fictitious implication that they would’ve missed.)


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    They say confession is good for the soul . . . in this case, probably for your face, too!!!!! Those two just might decide to retaliate and beat up on you a little.

  2. Who is a fisherman without a “fish tale” … 😀

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