I Needed More Time (Part 2 of 2)

I was rewarded with an instant bump, and subtly jerked my rod, hooking the monster, big mouth bass. I knew that’s what it was by the way it felt when it took the bait. With my kind of experience, I can perceive these things instantly.

(This is part two of a two-part story. Click here —> Part One, if you would like to read part one first.)

Ed and Ray didn’t even know I’d hooked one until it hit the surface and began thrashing. Ed got so excited, he about fell out of the boat, and started yelling for Ray to get the net. I had to laugh when he said “He’s gonna lose it! He’s gonna lose it!” I knew there was no chance of that happening, because when I set a hook, it is set!

Anyway we got the behemoth into the boat, and though I thought we should keep it and maybe call Texas Parks & Wildlife so they could check to see if it was a record, Ed and Ray were adamant it was not, and insisted I throw it back. I certainly wasn’t going to argue with them, because, not to brag, but I’ve caught much bigger fish in my day. I couldn’t tell them that, though; they were already embarrassed enough as it was.

Although I told them—several times—how I had caught the big fish, and offered as humbly as I could to give them some pointers, they both decided it was time to head in. Ed mumbled something about maybe they’d be biting later that evening. I smiled as we took off toward the boat ramp, and said I’d be glad to give them free lessons when we returned. For some reason, that made Ed mad. He tried to backhand me in the nose!

I saw it coming though, and ducked, but my hat went flying, and Ed never even slowed down. You’d have thought he’d at least circle back and try to find it. I didn’t make a fuss, though; it was an old hat, and I figured I’d pick me up another one at the marina.

We didn’t go back out that afternoon. Ed and Ray thought it was much too hot for fishing. I knew it wasn’t the heat, but the embarrassment, and even though I graciously offered to give them another lesson, they insisted the heat was simply not bearable. I just smiled and let them set up the domino game. I let them win at that. A guy’s got to know when to hold back, ya know.

As we were leaving, I told Ed and Ray how sorry I was we didn’t get to go fishing again. I told them I really thought I could teach them a thing or two about fishing. I just needed more time.

All I can say is it’s a good thing me and Sherry were in the car when I said that. Ed and Ray started gathering up rocks out of the driveway, and as we sped up the drive, rocks were flying all around us.

Them boys throw rocks about as good as they fish. Never even came close.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Ha! Good ‘un! And I know it happened just that way, too!

  2. Frog said

    You left out that Ivie is a LUNKER Lake in Texas so a fish that weighs 1 pound has to be put back in the lake

    • Oh, now Frog. No need to be grabbin at straws and downplaying the size of that monster… (For those reading this that don’t know; Frog is Ray Brown. I guess he’s still a little upset about the fish I caught.) HAW HAW HAW!

  3. I enjoyed reading of your adventures in both parts … hope you returned rejuvenated and renewed!!

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