Funny how our tastes in food change over the course of our lives; things we hated when we were kids, we now find quite tasty, while some of the things we enjoyed as kids now make us say, “GAK!”

There are some things I ate a lot of when I was young that I still enjoy; beans & cornbread, for instance. Not a delicacy, by any stretch, but a most enjoyable meal from time to time.

One thing I remember not liking at all when I was a kid was potato salad. Even now, it’s not one of my favorite foods, but I enjoy it on occasion. If you’d like to read a funny story about potato salad, check this one out: Ma’am, I Don’t Like Potato Salad.

Sherry and I will occasionally take a foray into the past and have something we used to eat as youngsters. We did so a few days ago when we enjoyed tomato (homegrown tomatoes) and mayo sandwiches. We even had bologna and cheese sandwiches one day last week, and plan to do it again this week. We can’t let the rest of the bologna go to waste! A fried bologna sandwich is on the upcoming menu, as well.

One of the things I remember eating when I was in high school, was Hostess chocolate cupcakes. I would sometimes stop at the convenience store and get a package of them and a quart of chocolate milk. One morning, not long ago, that tasty memory came to mind, and I decided to indulge myself. I think I ate one cupcake and drank about a third of the chocolate milk before saying, “GAK!” It tasted alright, but there was simply too much of it. I felt I’d get sick if I ate the other cupcake and drank all that chocolate milk.

My dad took his lunch in one of those old fashioned lunch boxes that held a thermos in the lid—un-cooled, mind you—and some of the things he’d eat definitely made me go, “GAK!” One of those things was Vienna sausages. To this day, I don’t see how people eat those. They’re like a cold, slimy, mushy little hot dog. Hot dogs, bologna, and the likes are bad enough, but Vienna sausages? Double GAK!

But that wasn’t the worst of it with the old man. He liked tomato and mayo sandwiches—which I thought was weird back then, but came around to later in life—but he also liked banana and mayo sandwiches, and pineapple and mayo sandwiches. Pineapple? And mayo? I’m sorry, but that’s one I’ve never been able to get myself to try. I ain’t gonna do the banana and mayo, either!

I try some things you might consider strange once in awhile, but my tastes are pretty simple. Not many things I eat make people go, “GAK!”

How about y’all? You got anything you eat that might make most of us get bug-eyed and gakky?


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  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I LOVE pineapple, mayo and cheese salad . . . or peaches instead of pineapple.

    To this day I love to dip my potato chips in a chocolate malt. mmmmmm

    And fudge and mustard are pretty good, too

  2. ShirleyAnderson said

    I love banana and mayo sandwiches and every once in awhile I will eat a fried bologna sandwich with mustard. I also love to put potato chips on my sandwich and crush it. Okay! I’m just a little crazy.

    • I ain’t gonna eat no banana and mayo sammich!
      Fried bologna with mustard–okay. Not much different than a hot dog–just flat instead a round!
      Tater chips on yer sammich…. I probably won’t do it, but that one ain’t TOO weird.
      Richard Grijalva used to put some of his french fries on his cheeseburger. I suppose that would taste okay, but it still seemed weird.

  3. Frog said

    Boy all those menus made me go GAK!

  4. waynette said

    Not me! I don’t really like any food exxcept Mexican food – fajitas!!

    • Oh come on! Surely you, of all the people I know, have something weird you like to eat.

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