I’m Your Huckleberry ~ 7-23-11

In today’s Daily Encouragement I said, “I have made the statement many times, “I am just the pencil.” I do not write these encouragements to you from a knowledgeable point of view, because the reality of the situation is I have little knowledge of God’s word and His principles. What I do have is a sincere desire to encourage others to love Him.”

That’s it. I’m not a teacher, preacher, Bible scholar, or theologian; I’m just an old redneck dude trying to get along in a world that seems to be getting crazier by the minute. I get discouraged just like everyone else, and that’s why writing these encouragements is such good therapy for me. When I focus on helping to encourage others, I am encouraged as well.

Whatever is going on in your life today, don’t be disheartened. God is still in charge, and He has a plan. Stay focused on Him and His love.



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    We all need encouragement. Remembering that God is in charge eases my mind considerably.

  2. Thank you Huckleberry Pen-cil for the reminder who’s in charge. Thank you for the reminder to focus on the Solver and not on the problem 🙂

    • It is my pleasure to pass along words of encouragement. I am pleased that you included the reading of my Daily Huckleberry feature in your visit. Please come back again!

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