As Of This Morning

I’ve come to believe the life of a man—an ordinary man—is made up of bits and pieces of his past. The reason I write this blog is to share some of the fragments of my life and thoughts with you, in the hopes that when the telling is done, something whole and worthwhile will have been created from the jumbled chaos that rolls daily through my mind. Perhaps by doing this I can make sense of it, help you to make sense of it, and my time on this earth will have had some value.

As of this morning, I am sixty one years of age and I have nothing extraordinary to tell you about those years. The life and times of Charles L. Mashburn have not been filled with harrowing incidents of danger and intrigue, adventure, and romance; but have been—to date—most ordinary. That said, I hope the things I share are, if nothing else, entertaining in their ordinariness.

I hope some of what I relate to you makes you laugh, because throughout most of my life making others laugh has been my utmost goal; not as a comedian, mind you, but simply as someone with a quick wit and a desire to bring a little levity to the lives of those around me. I freely admit that many times my wit and the use of it to make people laugh is a mask of sorts; a charade behind which is hidden a very insecure and frightened individual. I’ve overcome the fear part of the equation as I’ve gotten older, but the insecurity has clung to me like sodden Louisiana gumbo to a waffle-soled boot.

Some of the stories I tell may occasionally tug at your heart and perhaps cause a tear to slide down a cheek. I include many stories—some I’ve already written, some I’ve not yet put a pen to—that are quite painful. I tell them because they are pieces of the whole, but there are some the writing of which has caused me to sit sobbing at my desk. The laughter in my life has been abundant, but the pain has at times been fierce, merciless, and all too plentiful, as well.

So come along with me each day—or when you have the time—as I examine the things that have clung to my mind with such ferocity as to beg to be told. Laugh with me, cry with me, sigh with me and, most of all, be encouraged with me. For that is the thing I want most to do at this time in my life—encourage others.

Thanks to all who read the things I write. It’s what I have to give, and it brings me indescribable joy to give it to you.




  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    I will walk that path with you . . .

  2. Vangie said

    You are blessed Charlie. You have been given a wonderful gift. Whether funny, sad or devotional, ALL of your stories provide encouragement in their own way. I’m so glad that you share this wonderful gift with all of us.

    • Thank you so much, Vangie! I am always touched by your kind comments.
      Did you see I had a conversation with Dan on Facebook a few days ago? Turns out he lives just a few hours form us. I’m going to stop by and see him real soon. I had no idea he was in Texas!

      • Vangie said

        I saw that on FB, I hope you visit him!

      • Oh, I promise you I will, and if you come to Texas to visit him I hope you will let us know, so we can come see you!

  3. You’re no ordinary man!

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